Mario Nabliba - Political Biography

Mario Nabliba

Monterey Hills, CA 90042

Sustaining Member

Republican National Committee 

National Republican Congressional Committee


(323) 695-0931 


Political Bio: 

• Member of Republican National Community (RNC) and PRESIDENTIAL ADVISORY BOARD - 2017                          


2015 Donald Trump Supporter, for rally of major crowd about Veterans

for strong America, on September 15, 2015. USS IOWA Port of Los Angeles, California.

• Phone bank volunteer work in support of the House and Senate Nationwide race, which made me a Charter Member in the victory of 2014.

• Volunteer, Neighborhood Leader, Pasadena Republican Headquarters July - November 2008 

• Support Leaders and Candidates for presidential race; the grassroots for: George Bush, during the election of 2006, John McCain in 2008.

• Helped more than 17,000 voters in the 2012 primary and presidential election; organized the team in support of Mitt Romney such as rallies in LA and Orange County, and rallied more support of momentum for Republican Party. 

• I was one of the Campaign organizers for Stephen Smith and Tony Strickland, both running for US Congress, in LA County and Ventura County for the get-out-the-vote organized movement. Organized the voters’ in house parties etc. 

• Team Leader, Precinct Captain, California during Primary and Presidential 2008 Campaigns

• Supporter in 2008 for the George W. Bush Campaign in California for voter registration as a major campaigner to motivate new citizens to register to vote in the state of California.


• Fundraiser for the Republican campaigns and some local incumbents reelected in districts.

• Offered financial support to Police Support Youth Programs to aid in drug programs with the LAPD.


• Member of the Board of Directors, Elected two terms Vice-President of Marshall Villas Homeowner’s Association, who fight and brought GOP conservativism culture and voters register recognition in our local neighborhood. 

• Founder and Administrator of  “American Institute IDPF ”.

 · Founder and CEO of Mario & Suzanne University.


• Studied and Trained in LA County GOP’s Platform, Meetings.

• Assisted major Political tours in the US Capitol, Office of Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan

• Knowledge of Political Science, one semester program in American Government at Pasadena City College.

• Very knowledgeable in international policies, trades/business, financial and accounting management, BS in Physics Sciences, Masters in Computer Science Information Systems. 

• Author of two books.

• State of California Republican Party (CAGOP),  Delegate, for four Conventions (2008, 2012, 2015, 2017).



• RNC – As above in 2014, Certificate of  Life Member order of Merit, Signed by John Boehner - Speaker of the house, Reince Priebus - Chairman and Mitch McConnell - Republican majority leader.

• Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States – Certificate of Appreciation for faithful support of America’s deserving veterans and their families. 

• Advisor Council for the aviation safety program.


            Wounded Veteran Eagle UAS (501c3) at Blackbird Aerial Technologies .