My Stance



By working for several years with the VA I have come to a high understanding of how to help our Veterans which would include ending homelessness. My first priority is to end veteran homelessness. I would work closely with Housing and Development to create a program to give affordable housing to Veterans. It breaks my heart to see someone fight to protect our nation and to then see this person homeless. This is the true reason I am running for the US Senate. 



One way to support everyone in California is to help this state look beyond the tired old school leadership of the past and embrace practical progressive and conservative policies that help everyone prosper and generate jobs for everyone who wants one. We together can move from being the 10th largest economy on the planet back to the 5th and better. We also have the highest poverty rate in the nation. How will we handle this? Entrepreneurs, small businesses, and tax reform are the issues to address. 



Focusing on our security is a priority. This means using the highest technology for the security of our airports and borders. Consider in this equation that our first responders have all resources in order to accomplish the safety of our nation. For example, increasing drone technology for surveillance of our borders and improvement of drone technology.

All immigrants that come to the United States are handled on a case by case basis. So what do we do with illegal immigrants? They also need to be handled on a case by case bipartisan basis. We can create a path to citizenship where only productive, non-criminal individuals are allowed to take this path. 


 I am running for Senate so I can implement those policies to support you and your children as you work to become more educated, more prosperous and better off as individuals, families and communities. We need top-quality Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. As the most developed nation in the world, our educational system must raise up to our development level, not be falling behind.  


 I uphold the 2nd Amendment but the problem is not guns. It is people. Therefore, this is a social issue. Almost all mass shootings can be traced to psychiatric drugs which means handling the mental health of a nation with a technology that works, not drugging people.  


If I am elected and as a Scientist I will approach each issue with a viewpoint that what has worked in the past will work again and ineffective programs and individuals will be trained or eliminated. Or a new way needs to be created to handle the situation at hand. Improvement can be made in any area if the right actions are taken. When one sees success in areas like more jobs, one needs to continue those actions which caused the improvement. Governmental benefits to illegal immigrates/sanctuary cities needs to end and this money will be used to support education for all Americans including our Veterans. There are individuals in this world that can make a difference and I have chosen to do this in all areas I address as a Senator. I want to make a difference.